This Changes Everything Summary

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The book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, was written by Naomi Klein in which she talks about climate change and the different roles affecting it. Klein would argue that climate change is a civilizational wake-up call and confronting it is about us changing the world before the world changes by itself in a negative way. This book helps the reader understand that the economy does play a part in climate change and that there are many economical controversies which can shape people’s views on the matter. A lot of people think that the market will save us, but the obsession for profit and growth is digging us in deeper and deeper every day. The need to stop climate change would mean that we must consume less, but being consumers has been such a huge part of peoples’ lives that it is all anyone really knows. It is a crisis that started out from overconsumption by the relatively more wealthy people. That means that they must lower their amount of consumptions, which many people are not willing to do. There are many people, especially those on the far right conservative side, who do not take the high risk of …show more content…

Geoengineering is the manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth’s climate in the effort to reverse global warming. Possible side effects of geoengineering that are not worth it are ocean acidification and worse climate in some regions. It is interesting how there are so many ways to possibly reverse the effects of climate change that are not being done, but scientists actually want to go through with this method and Klein has so much against it. I agree that geoengineering is not the best method because scientists are finding ways that are not natural, like shooting chemicals into the air, when there are completely natural ways to do it, that people are not willing to do, such as cutting down on

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