Thomas Jefferson's Foreign Policies

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Through his Leadership skills, ability to make changes, and his foreign-policies, Thomas Jefferson was the most impactful president of the first seven. Thomas Jefferson had many leadership roles, for example he served as the Secretary of State and the ambassador of France. He was also able to make change in the government by drafting the Declaration of Independence and his foreign-policies helped get respect for the US from France and Britain. Which makes him the most impactful.

Furthermore, Thomas Jefferson had one of the most significant leadership skills. He was the first president to make the first peaceful transfer of power to the rival political party. Jefferson had also been the second Vice President making him knowledgeable about the presidency before actually becoming the President. He had also helped move along the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the United States in size. “Thomas Jefferson must be considered a champion of human rights. He believed that all men deserved these necessary human guarantees.”(Edu.).

The ability to make change can be good or bad, but in this case it helped a country earn freedom. Thomas Jefferson was much more influential to make change in freedom than James Monroe because he hung and threatened Britain’s and Spain just to buy Florida. Jefferson …show more content…

The very first foreign challenge was the war with the Barbary Pirates, who seized American ship to blackmail Jefferson, but he was able to end that event. Another was the impressment, which was after the Louisiana Purchase and it was Napoleon declaring war on Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson stopped it by banning all British ship from coming into their docks and 100,000

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