Three Little Words Analysis

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“ Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together, ” said the American politician Paul Ryan. Communities have existed for as long as we have known about our existence: birth, school, work, and at home. We separate by appearances, or common interests to create groups called communities. Communities have always been in the cycle of life. They’re everywhere. Because without them love and support wouldn’t exist and people wouldn’t become unified.
Love is developed naturally over a course of time, but this wouldn’t be made possible without communities. Love is a strong emotion that makes people feel alive. Without it life would be dull, and empty. Three Little Words shows that love …show more content…

In Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter, she stated that “I finally noticed that they were always there: waking me up, tucking in, ready to listen, checking whether I needed anything... But with my parents by my side, who had proven their love for me, I felt safe enough to allow sunlight to sweep the shadows from my life” (Rhodes-Courter 260). This clearly states that the main character, Ashley had never allowed sunlight through her because she was scared but over time her community slowly made their way through Ashley which helped her realize that not everyone is bad in this world. Ashley lived a harsh life as a child but through the help of her communities and family they showed her that it’s okay to love and hurt. Paul Fleishman says in his story “Amir” that “Very many people came over to ask about them and talk to me. I recognized a few from the neighborhood. Not one had spoken to me before--and now how friendly they turned out to be. The eggplants gave them an excuse for breaking the rules and starting a conversation” (Amir 265). This proves that through communities people can open up and show another side of themselves that otherwise wouldn’t have been showed. This also shows that once people get to know each other many doors can be opened. People have an invisible shield protecting themselves from any harm, but once that shield has been broken friends become friends. Communities thus encourage interaction and helps bring people

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