Tim Hortons Comparison

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Has almost 44,000 restaurant locations in over 135 countries.
Over 36,000 restaurants worldwide.

Over 23,000 restaurants in over 100 countries and U.S territories

Over 6,500 restaurants in 30 countries and U.S. territories

21,000 franchises in over 100 countries
$6.37 billion USD

$24.62 billion USD

$5.49 billion USD

$1.44 billion USD

$1.11billion USD

Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell
Tim Hortons, Burger King, Popeye’s
Fast food restaurant service; Pizza Hut produces pizza, while KFC offers wide range of deep fried chicken-related products such as wing and burgers, and Taco Bell offers a wide range of Mexican related food items such as tacos, burritos, etc. Food items are typically made quickly and readily …show more content…

Popeye’s specializes in chicken deep fried chicken products. Tim Hortons is a café-like restaurant that serves caffeinated drinks, bagels, wraps, sandwiches, and pastries
Fast food restaurant service; processes fast and readily made food products such fries, burgers, ice cream, wraps, chicken products, etc.
Fast food restaurant service; specializes in producing fresh subs made in front of consumers. Subs range from vegetarian to meat subs; also offer salads
Yum! brands targets people all over the world, therefore allows for them to target different cultural regions and adjust their products and services to fit those cultures. Yum! targets children and teenagers as the food that Yum! offers is very popular amongst this demographic. Aside from children and teens, people of all ages are part of the target market. Since the food Yum! sells inexpensive people of all economic backgrounds. Finally, people who live in urban areas who lived fast-paced lifestyles are also an important target market as fast food complements their fast-paced …show more content…

Lower and middle-class consumers are also targeted as they can afford the cheap prices, and those who live a fast-paced lifestyle.
Tim Horton’s seeks to target working people through their caffeinated drinks, as well as the elderly and families looking for a casual place to eat and talk.
The Wendy’s company targets people of both genders, all ages, especially teenagers and children, lower and middle-class consumers due to its inexpensive prices. Since Wendy’s is a quick service restaurant, they also target those who live in urban areas that live fast-paced lifestyles and need a quick meal on the go.
Subway is known to be one of the healthier alternatives in the fast food industry compared to other fast food restaurants that are typically known for being unhealthy. It’s target audience is people of all ages, gender, economic background, but more towards those individuals who seek a healthier food option in the fast food

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