Toussaint L Overture In Haiti

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This event was led by Toussaint l’Overture. They rebelled against the planters on August 21, 1791. In 1792, they controlled a third of the island, and though, there were reinforcements from France, the area taken by the rebels enlarged. The former slaves managed to hold off both the French forces and the British. The British came in 1793 to conqour the colony, but withdrew from the fight in 1798 after a series of defeats. In 1801 l’Overture extended the revolution beyond Haiti, conquering the neighboring Spanish colony of Santo Domingo. He ended slavery in the colony and declared himself Governor-General over the island of Hispaniola. Saint-Domingue, now the nation of Haiti is where it took place. It lasted from 1791 to 1804. St. Domingue’s
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