Trait Theories Of Leadership

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Trait theories
This context is taken from Leadership and communication Block 6 module 2:1 entitled
Theories of leadership
The trait leadership theory believe individual made with some qualities that will make her perform well as a leader this qualities like physical structure e.g. asthenic built, creativity, sense of responsibilities, assertiveness etc.
This trait lays emphasis on mental, physical and social analysis
People can be born with inherited leadership trait
An individual with following qualities are suitable to be leaders
Individual that is calm confident and predictable even under stress
Individual that admits mistakes easily
Individual that can speak fluently and persuade others without being misunderstood
2:1 Personal concept. Personally in my place of work, before an individual is appointed a ward leader some qualities must be observe in him or her and must have undergone series of management course, must have aspire to certain designation, hence she will have been fully trained and prepared to manage a group of people and resources hence even if he or she is not born leader will be prepared ready and made a leader
2:2 Social concept Socially a newly graduated nurse cannot become a nurse leader, attending seminar and continue education in- services training, undergone series of interviews promotion exercise, qualified to be considered to be a ward leader hence majority of nurses are undergoing training to reach higher post and become ward leader
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