Leadership Theories Essay

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Trait theories
This context is taken from Leadership and communication Block 6 module 2:1 entitled
Theories of leadership
The trait leadership theory believe individual made with some qualities that will make her perform well as a leader this qualities like physical structure e.g. asthenic built, creativity, sense of responsibilities, assertiveness etc.
This trait lays emphasis on mental, physical and social analysis
People can be born with inherited leadership trait
An individual with following qualities are suitable to be leaders
Individual that is calm confident and predictable even under stress
Individual that admits mistakes easily
Individual that can speak fluently and persuade others without being misunderstood
2:1 Personal concept. Personally in my place of work, before an individual is appointed a ward leader some …show more content…

While such tests can be quite utilized by professionals, they can be controversial...

3 Concepts 3: Management
This theory is taken from Leadership and communication Block 6 module 1:2 entitled
Difference between management and leadership
Management and leadership are two different words but are interwoven because for a manager to be effective he should have leadership skill and for a leader to be effective it is necessary to have good management skills
Leader’s sets vision, communicate goals and objective to his followers, provide knowledge for task and handle conflicts between workers while management organize and coordinate resources according to company resources
Leaders create problems and solve it while management act according to organization resources and policy
Managers are usually appointed by organization and were given task to manage
Managers will work towards solving tough organizational problem by giving direction to people the way the given task will be accomplish
They are usually in total

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