Trauma In Child Care

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The trauma of the children often times have been very severe, which may lead them to engage in activities that are not acceptable, such as running away, fighting, or committing a crime. If a child commits a crime they are obligated to be reported it to the police or probation officer if they were referred to Lutherbrook by a court. Depending on the severity of the crime they may appear before a judge and get a couple of days in lockup. The center itself does not implement severe punishment because their value system is based on trust and safety. If the child runs away rather than punishing him/her they will come up with ideas so the child stops running away. One of the punishments of running away is having a staff watch over the child 24/7.…show more content…
Special education is also provided for those who need it and recreational and expressive therapies such as art, music, and sports. In additional children are taught life-skill development. They are also provided with medical services, religious activities, psychiatric care, and foster care. The goal behind the various therapies they offer is to encourage the highest quality of trauma-informed treatment services to the youth. The treatment is accomplished through a goal oriented, safe and intensive program that focuses on promoting cognitive-oriented and trauma-informed treatment approaches. As I mentioned some of the expressive therapies involved is art therapy, which enhances creativity. Art-making process includes drawing, painting, collages and 3-d structures. The goal of art therapy is to assist in developing skills including problem solving, identification and expression of feelings, emotions and social interaction/relationships. The goal behind dance therapy is to connect body and mind in a way that encourages healing and growth of the individual. Dance therapy helps with self-expression and offers creative strategies for behavior modification and helps the individual learn effective coping skills. The way dance therapy works is because it works directly with the body to release the trauma that is often stored within. Another form of therapy offered is animal-assisted therapy that is utilized to enhance human-animal bond. Animal assisted therapy helps to enhance self-esteem and self-worth. It is a 9-week treatment program that also includes short-term treatment goals for the individual, which challenge his/her behavior and trauma domains. Most of the children are on psychotic medication and their medication is regulated the center employs two psychiatrists and three

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