Treatment Resistance Depression Case Study

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Treatment Resistance Depression Case #1: The man whose antidepressant stopped working The patient in the scenario has had a reoccurrence of major depression episodes five times. Most often, after he stops taking an antidepressant, he will have a reoccurrence of the depression symptoms, which sometimes will go for mouths. His occurrence of episode 3 started his resistance when he stops take Wellbutrin (bupropion) which was given to help with sexual dysfunction. As a result, the patient could not maintain the Sertraline (Zoloft) and discontinue it within a year. This is very certain that patient is going through treatment resistance depression (TRD ) due to disconnect of some neurotransmitters. According to Moukaddam & Shah (2016) is a situation …show more content…

The wife will need to tell me the life situation of the patient and some of the challenges patient has at this time. Patient has two kids, a son who depressed and a daughter who also has mild depression. I will like to know from the children if they have recently visited their dad and have noticed changes recently. Making the kids to identify changes will be a teaching forum for them to help with a treatment plan. Physical exam and diagnostic tests During the patient visit, I will ask some health questions to make sure patient does not have some underlying health concerns. I will get set of vital signs, lab work that includes BMP and CBC. An vital blood test will be to check the thyroid to make sure is function well (MayoClinic 2018). As I continued with the visit, I will evaluate the appearance of the patient if he looks unkempt, the mood of communication, anxiety or clam, flat affect and eye-to-eye contact. This will give an understanding of patient’s inner feeling to his verbal responsive. Three different diagnosed Personality disorder Anxiety Disorder Bipolar

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