Trip To Colombia Research Paper

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(1) Please explain why you would like to travel to Colombia with us. What do you expect to gain from the experience? Through this YIRA research trip, I hope to expand my global horizon. I want to visit more than just the tourist areas, to interact with locals, and do research on problems that affect the world. I want to know the I can make an impact on the world, to speak for those who cannot speak, and to understand how have the political unrest affects human rights in Columbia . I am looking forward to walk away with new perspectives and ideas, to be able to open dialogue with the newly gained knowledges and experience. I also look forward to meet new people, to learn from them, and to engage in meaningful studies with them. I am truly excited for this opportunity. (2) …show more content…

If selected, what will you bring to the table? How will you enrich the experiences of both your fellow Yalies and the Colombian locals that you meet? Although I do not speak Spanish, as a native of Florida who attended a high school with 50% Hispanics, I am aware of the Colombian culture. I am an easy-going, responsible person who works great in team or individually. My friends mostly describe me as “chill and calming, with a little cold humor”. I want to build close-relationship with my fellow team members, but to also be serious at work. I hope to contribute to both the team research and team dynamic. (3) As mentioned above, the overarching theme of our trip is “The Colombian Peace Process: A Human Rights Perspective.” In your opinion, what are the major obstacles to the peace process? How do you think a peace treaty will shape both Colombia’s internal politics and its role in the

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