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Nowadays, terrorism has become an important phenomenon as well as a major security issue around the world especially with the rising with alarm of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or IS in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and it also known as the Islamic States from the late of 2013. Middle East becomes the breeding ground for much terrorist activity in this day and age. Terrorism has gripped around the countries after September 11 incident on 2001.
Bjorn Lomborg (2009, p.518) defined that terrorism is the premeditated use or threat to use violence by individuals or sub-national groups against non-combatants. The reason they do this is to obtain a political objective or amplify a message through frighten and threaten of a large audience beyond
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It is aimed at non-combatants included civilians, military personnel who not engaged in conflict and the political leaders and terrorists use violence for dramatic purpose which they want to instilling fear and helplessness in the target audience is often more important than the physical result. Therefore, the terrorist mostly highly calculating before they start an attack. However, due to ISIS also fighting an insurgency against the Iraqi and Syrian governments, both of them defined ISIS as a hybrid terrorist and insurgent organization.
The topic title which given to us for discuss is the grievances of terrorists: should they be taken seriously or are they just pretexts and justifications for violence? Therefore, this assignment is aims to analyze the real reasons behind terrorist group for release the attacks of terrorism on civilians in our opinions as students who study course international relations. In this assignment, we will briefly outlining the background of terrorist incidents such as September 11, Bali bombing, Charlie Hebdo, and Madrid train attack and focus more on the analysis on what really make terrorists group want do these
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In November 2002, according to the Guardian website, Osama wrote a “Letter to the American people” which he explicitly stated that al Qaeda’s motives behind the attacks. The terrorists were angry of the presence of United States troops in Saudi Arabia, American attacked Muslim in Somalia, America supported Russian, the Indian and the Jewish against Muslim, the great power support of Israel which sharing security interest together, American supports United Nations Security Council set sanctions against Iraq after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Then, from this we can see it as a proof which they decided to attack on the symbolized globalization and economic power of United States due to they did not have enough capacity to destroy America’s militarily power. Somehow, this terrorist incident also viewed as the impact of the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, Muslim terrorists hate the United States for supporting the government which corrupted and repressive in the Middle East. The terrorists feel grievance due to they feel themselves just defending their own right. Anyway, they maybe did not wrong in their opinion but the perpetrators can never escape from their
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