Type 2 Diabetes Case Summary

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Bob, a 52 year old Hispanic male with type II diabetes mellitus. He sells insurance in Loveland, CO. Bob was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as a result of blood tests that were performed due to a heart condition known as Atrial Fibrillation. At the time of diagnosis he weighed 320 pounds, he was 6’1’, with a BMI of 42.01. He was classified as level 3 obesity. He denies being excessively hungry or thirsty. In addition, Bob claims there are no signs of blurred vision.
The patient was diagnosed with depression 3 years ago. He currently takes 75 mg of Venlafaxine each morning. He has stated the depression has increased due to the increase in his weight.
Bob currently takes take 0.2 kg/units per day of insulin. In the event the patient fails to lose weight and control his type II diabetes, he could have additional heat problems. Transistion sentence
Diabetes Mellitus Type II (DMT2) has become one of the leading health crisis in America. (Cite %). DMT2 is a result of the body’s improper use of Insulin. Foods containing carbohydrates produce sugar that the body process’ for energy. The sugar is called glucose and is absorbed into the blood stream once the food is digested. Cells in the body absorb the glucose to provide the needed energy. If the body has too much glucose insulin redirects the glucose to the liver to be stored for …show more content…

It is widely known that a sedentary life-style is a common trait found among those diagnosed with DMT2. As our culture has moved away from and agriculture state to an industrialized economy people have become less active. This is primarily the result of people sitting in an office building rather than laboring in the fields for 12 hours per day. Decreased physical activity and increased choleric intake has lead a large number of obese adults. This type of physical condition has made people more susceptible to

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