Type I Diabetes Type 1 Research Paper

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Townsend Harris High School Maryum Begum Band 4: Anatomy & Physiology 12/16/15 Diabetes Type I Type I diabetes is a chronic disease in which the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. This means that an individual who has type I diabetes cannot produce their own insulin. Insulin is essential for the body to break down the sugar, glucose, to convert it to energy. With the lack of insulin, this sugar is not broken down and results in further health problems. Therefore, individuals who have this disease need outside help in order for them to be able to regulate their blood sugar levels. It typically affects younger individuals such as children, adolescents, and young adults. About 5% of people who have diabetes have type I diabetes. The exact cause of type I diabetes is not known, however, the likely cause of the disease is due to an autoimmune disorder. The immune system, which fights off infections and other harmful material in the body, mistakenly destroys beta cells in the pancreas. These beta cells are known as islet tissue which assist in producing insulin in the body. The exact reason for why the immune system damages these …show more content…

Type I diabetes can result in health problems but can still be manageable. With the widespread study with new technological innovation, new treatments may arise. Being diagnosed with type I diabetes does not mean immediate death. It can still be controlled and individuals prove that with healthy lifestyles, their life expectancy can be prolonged. The key is to sustain blood sugar levels in the body and to be sure that they are at acceptable levels. Having this disease requires great care and motivation to remain at a healthy state. With ignorance to the disease, other organs of the body can be affected. It is best to see a doctor and get the help that one needs to

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