Unit 10 P1

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P1: Explain the issues organisation must consider when planning computer system maintenance

Organisational policy and procedures
Procurement: IT companies and other groups use computer systems so that they can obtain the systems that will be used. They can also obtain through the means of purchase in a way that can result in issues. The purchased computers will be replaced when there is something wrong with the computer or if it breaks it can become very expensive. You can go to some of these repair shop when an organisation is having difficulties such as IT support, ISPL or warehouse repair/storages.
Sustainability and environmental: organisation will need a plan for what will happen when a systems and its components are no longer working. …show more content…

One way, in which a person is electrocuted, it is when a component is emitting the power; this comes out from a computer. To prevent these users should turn the power off from a computer before you work on the components. If you need the power on for a reason, make sure you are wearing gloves, or anti-static bands. This will stop the current from travelling through your body.

Fire: Fire is another example of a risk when you are working with electronic equipment so it is important that you know what actions you have to take to prevent the fire from happening. Two ways you can prevent this are, stopping the components from overheating and preventing electrical problem e.g. problem with the hardware or problem with a plug. To stop a fire you should always have a fire extinguisher nearby so that it can stop this life and death matter.
Electrostatic discharge (ESD): electrostatic discharge is another example of a risk this is when an electrically charged object meets each other by causing sparks. This can be dangerous because it can cause a fire or it can electrocute the user if they are near the components. The ways to prevent this is by training yourself by wearing anti-static clothing like rubber gloves or by wearing ESD …show more content…

It is like the wrist-strap, because it will stop any electronic charge from getting closer to your body. Many companies have these for their employees so that they can make sure that they are safe when working with electronics.
Fire and Firefighting equipment: the fire and firefighting equipment are important to have when you are working with electronics, as people know faulty electronic products cause many fires. Having things like a fire extinguisher, fire exits, fire hoses, are necessary when working in a workplace you usually have a fire safety zone where an alarm rings, employees working in those workplace should always leave and get to a safety zone so they are out of harm ways.
First aid training: first aid training is very important when working in a company because it shows the difference between knowing what to do and what not to do can be the difference between saving a life. it is important for at least a couple of people know what they have to do in case someone who got injured and they need help do that they can make sure they don 't die between the time it takes for someone to ring the ambulance and get them to a hospital. Just knowing the basics can be a huge help to someone in

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