Risk Assessments In The Motorcar Industry

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The scope of the present report is to provide an approach to carry out a risk assessment of an activity and identify key control measures or recommendations to improve the activity from the point of view of professionals in the motorcar industry. To complete the risk assessment it is necessary to analyze each of the steps in the procedure of changing a car battery.

A risk assessment is where the severity of the Hazard and its potential outcomes are considered in conjunction with other factors including the level of exposure and the numbers of persons exposed and the risk of that hazard being realised. -(Www.hsa.ie) The stages in include 1) identifying the hazards 2) evaluating the associated risks 3) controlling the risks. A risk assessment is an essential element for health and safety management and its objective is to determine …show more content…

Disconnect the negative terminal first. Loosen the negative cable clamp with a wrench. Usually a 8mm or 10mm wrench. Then slide it off of the terminal. If the cables are unmarked, you could label them so that they don't get mixed up. Otherwise you may ruin your car's electric system later on. It is also important that you disconnect the negative terminal socket before the positive terminal, or a fire may start.

8. Now disconnect the positive terminal

9. Remove the car battery. This can be done by unfastening the battery holder and removing any screws, clamps or bars holding the battery in its place. Be careful when lifting the battery out of the car. A car battery can weigh 30 to 60 pounds, or 13.5 to 27 kilos, which may damage your back if it is to be lifted alone, you may want to ask for assistance from another member of staff.

10. Clean the terminal clamps and the battery tray. You can use a baking soda solution and a wire brush to do so. If there's any severe corrosion to the terminal ends or the cables, you should consider repair or replacement by a mechanic. Otherwise, the area should be dry before moving onto the next

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