Essay Assess The Suitability Of A Range Of Monitoring Techniques

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AC1.1 Assess the suitability of a range of monitoring techniques for customers’ complaints.
There are a large variety of techniques used to monitor complaints such as: Feedback/evaluations Monitoring sales Monitoring returns Monitoring complaints and problems
Social Media feedback
Mystery shoppers

Gathering customer feedback/evaluation is a well-established way of generating meaningful information about service and any complaints or issues customers may have experienced. It will also help to identify potential problems that cause the negative feedback and complaint.
On way to monitor is by looking at the sales numbers – you can look into first purchases, subsequent visits or cross sales .It is important to keep in mind that while the sales numbers provide valuable information about your customer service and upsells, they do not offer you the ‘full picture’ of the quality of your service …show more content…

Social media is so widely used now so therefore people take to Twitter and Facebook in order to either share a great experience they had or to do some serious complaining. By monitoring your business via social media you can provide a better service and monitor complaints online and interact with them in order to determine what gaps your company may have.
Another form of monitoring customer complaints is to look at mystery shoppers. Some businesses employ mystery shoppers to go through transactions and then report on the service that they received. The advantage of this monitoring technique over the like of customer feedback is that the mystery shopper knows exactly what to look for the moment that they set foot in the business. These shoppers typically complete a questionnaire as soon as their transaction is over which provides he business with specific, measurable information about the

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