Upper Class In Animal Farm

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People want communism because it promises freedom, equality, and peace. They want to get rid of social classes. It is generally the lower classes that strive for this because they are not content where they are. The upper class doesn't want to share what they have because they are greedy and like having more than is necessary. When a country becomes communist, someone always takes the reigns. They will slowly move up in power, convincing the people that it is in their best interest. This recreates the social classes they tried to destroy in the first place. The same thing happens in Animal Farm. Only for a very short while at the beginning, is everybody equal and happy. The pigs and dogs represent the upper class and the rest of the animals are the lower class. The pigs start taking over almost as soon as the animals rebelled and kicked out the Czar. But the pigs are so cunning and clever that the animals hardly realize what is happening. The lower class animals start working more and more for less and less food. But the upper-class pigs and dogs convinced them with some force that it is for the best. By the time some of the smarter animals figured it out, it was too late for "the creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to …show more content…

And there can be "pigs" in smaller areas too, such as within our own communities. There will always be those who believe they deserve more than others and will do almost anything to achieve it. I don’t think George Orwell had much faith in humanity. From his book, I get the picture that he believes if someone has the opportunity to have power or is thrust into power that it will corrupt them. To Orwell, it was inevitable what would occur to those in the upper class that can reach incredible levels of power. No matter how hard people try, there will always be a class distinction. Even where and when we live now, there is an invisible

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