Us Involvement In Ww2

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Both sides fought the War over the issue of the Freedom of Jews and Hitler's invasion, while the Americans fought for Moral the Germans fought to preserve their own institutions. There were some countries that stayed neutral, and some that allied with us or were against us. The importance of knowing who allies the United States and who is against us lead me to study about this topic and tell you all my research.
Many countries were involved in WW2, and an abundant amount that allied the United States(allied powers) respected them. The most well-known countries that were our allies were Great Britain, France, China, and The Soviet Union. The reason why countries joined with the allies was because (for certain countries like France) they didn't …show more content…

Another great battle was the battle of Britain which occurred on September 7th, 1940. Hitler had a plan to sting Britain with an airstrike that lasted 8 months. This battle plan was called the Blitz. There were bombings in over 16 cities with London getting bombed over 71 times. The intense bombings claimed over 1 million homes …show more content…

During the war, some countries made pacts with each other to work together if one of them was invaded. So they would sit and wait, and if they knew there was an invasion coming they would most likely join the allies, and protect their countries. As stated in the article, “Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal established the concept of armed neutrality but asserted to defending their nations against any resulting incursions from the other parties at war”(Chepkemoi1).The main countries include Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Yemen, Ireland (etc). Some countries depended on Germany like Switzerland which was heavily reliant on coal but were trying to protect its banking investments from plunder by the Axis powers. Turkey was also neutral but in fear traded with Germany so they wouldn’t invade. Closer to the end war end, Turkey cut off all trading with Germany and joined the allies. Because these countries stayed neutral during the war instead of joining the Axis powers, they saved the U.S a great deal of time, and trouble getting to Germany and demolishing the rule of

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