Uss Midway Characteristics

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The USS Midway took part of important part of American history and is remembered this day. The USS Midway used special materials like steel and aluminum. The steel material was the main thing that was used in this ship. The deck of the ship was 3 ½inch thick steel. There was also Stainless steel that was used in some parts of the ship so that it doesn’t rust. The processes were mostly stick welding in this ship. The USS Midway played important parts in wars such as the Vietnam, Operation frequent wind, and Operation of desert storm. Vietnam was helped by the Uss Midway. For example, taking refugees to the aircraft carrier to save lives that were in trouble and in need. There were 6,000 refugees that got transported to the aircraft carrier and 3,000 refugees landed in USA.The Operation desert storm wind was helped by the Midway on how they roundup troops to get ready for the war ,they help save refugees the were in need to get them to safety. Operation frequent wind helped with getting the civilians . …show more content…

As for the Uss Ford it has a nuclear engine and was launched in November 9,2013

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