VIA 240 Question Survey Of Character Strength

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VIA Character Assessment For this assignment, we, the students, has to complete a 240 question survey of character strength, which should identify your top five strengths. By using this survey, I know how to use my strengths to benefit myself in the future. 1. Fairness, Equity, and Justice My top strength is fairness, equity, and justice. This strength allowed me to treat people equally, which my personal feelings will not change my decisions. I also give everybody a chance. For example, I will partner with random students to do a STEM research project. Most of citizens in Texas are immigrants, including myself. As an immigrant, I understand how others are treated poorly in many situations. I want to treat everyone equally regardless of their education, race, and religion to make them feel better. 2. Leadership …show more content…

Leadership is defined as encouraging groups or teams to get their work done, make mates feel included, and organizing activities. I have a habit to put down everything in a digital calendar, and I will look at the calendar to remind myself what I need to do. Using this habit can improve my leadership skill to organize activities in group of people. 3. Honesty, Authenticity, and Genuineness Honesty, authenticity, and genuineness, my third strength, can be simply defined as speaking the truth. Also, this allowed me to be a “real” person who live my life in a genuine and authentic way. I’ve been the enemy to my classmates because I tell the truth to the teachers. For example, when my English teacher, Mrs. Galvan, said to turn in the assignment and my classmates said it is not due until next week, I am the one who said, “Mrs. Galvan told us it’s due today.” I believe if lying become a habit, then a person becomes “fake.” 4. Capacity to love and be

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