Valentine's Day: A Short Story

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February passed rather quickly. Locus attended his classes, wrote his papers, and lamented the fact that he only had one class with Washington this semester. He had to work to balance school, Felix, and smaller things such as the gym, but it was becoming easier with each day. In fact, the most difficult part of February - once Valentine’s Day was over and done with - was the movie Felix dragged him to that weekend. Of course it was a romantic comedy. That close to Valentine’s Day, what else would it be? Locus had let his mind wander while Felix sat beside him, attention rapt on the screen. Over an hour of a movie that he quickly lost interest in, and then Felix was grilling him after about his opinion on it. When Locus couldn’t find a single…show more content…
Only twice did Locus find himself thinking of Felix during class, of how good it was to call him partner. Both instances happened after Felix had spent the night, on days when Locus left Felix to sleep in his bed when he left for classes. The sight of a tired Felix with messy hair was proving to be too cute for Locus to send him away and he had always been sure it would be a problem. He just hadn’t expected it to leave him distracted in…show more content…
Felix persisted in being a distraction and Locus found he didn’t mind. February faded into March, and Locus laid awake one night and thought of Felix. It was nearly two in the morning, he had classes early, and yet he wasn’t sleeping. In the quiet and the dark, Locus saw Felix against his closed eyes - images of Felix as he had looked that day, his smile and that grin that drew out his dimples. Felix, with tousled hair and red cheeks from the cold, excitement glittering in his eyes as he rambled about his plans for his day off. Locus recalled all of it, including the sound of Felix’s voice glowing with that same excitement, and then let his mind wander with it. Let himself conjure up whatever memories of Felix possible. He hoped it would let him sleep, that some part of his mind would give in just by thinking of the irritating person. Instead, he laid there and thought of how Felix had gotten more color put into the phoenix tattoo on his back, how it stood against his pale skin. That very quickly became Felix, naked and smiling in that sharp, coy way of his. Locus cracked his eyes open to the remembered pressure of Felix settling into his

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