Valley Forge Document Based Questions

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Valley Forge Document Based Question

After a detailed analysis of the documents, it is very clear that if I was a soldier in the continental army I would stay in the army for the following important reasons: first, the urgent need of healthy and strong soldiers to fight against the British (Document A and Document C), second, the visit of the Congressional committee and hope for support (Document B and External Source 1) and finally, the last reason I would stay in the army because of Paine’s great words and I wouldn’t want to be a summer soldier (Document D and External Source 2).

During the American Revolution, it is very important to notice that in the town of Valley Forge the illness and death estimates increased. This resulted in a rapid decrease of the total amount of soldier in the town. According to the statistics in Document A, it is very clear that the total number of soldier enrolled in the Valley Forge camp decreased in a period of approximately three months. To be accurate around 1800 – 2000 soldiers died around this time period. So as the population decreased, American army needs more healthy soldiers to …show more content…

Paine says, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” I think that Paine is trying to imply that people to get in to tough conditions like Valley Forge. Paine says that getting into tough situations like Valley Forge is the best way to test my basic beliefs and character. Also, as seen External Source 2 Paine exactly defines what a summer soldier. He say’s Summer Soldier is a person that only supports the American army when things are going well. Paine’s words might increase the army’s population and inspire many men to actually work in the army. When the Continental army finds their way through the “crisis” they would have successfully tested their beliefs and

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