Victorian Era Schools Analysis

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No Mas Spanking
(Critique Of Victorian Era Schools) As a child, as an honorary one, I was spanked quite a bit. I ended up as a good kid, so I am happy with with how I turned out. Richard Weissbourd from Psychology Today states, “American adults identified "as a very serious problem" young people's failure to learn fundamental moral values, including honesty, respect, and responsibility for others.” This shows that many people think that kids don't have many old time values. These issues are the main issues represented in the stories. In the stories Jane Eyre and Hard Times there are several differences between the schools of those times and the schools of today.
In the story Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, the schools are extremely different
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Little kids of today talk about boogers and bodily functions rather than the children of the victorian era. On page 999 first paragraph, “Teach these boys and girls nothing but the facts.” the teachers at this school won’t let the children have any imagination whatsoever. This is mature because once one grows up one loses the imagination of being younger. Tracy Gleason from The states, “Research has found a relationship between pretend play and a child’s developing creativity, understanding of others and social competence with peers.” this helps reinforce the importance of a child's imagination in early development. The story of Hard Times is showing how victorian era schools got it wrong by placing an emphasis on anti…show more content…
The children in the story live in fear of their masters or teachers, this is completely different today, and for the better. On page 1032 second paragraph, “ The trace of a tear glistened on her thin cheek.” The young lady who is crying is so afraid to cry, but just after being wiped she is in pain. This little girl’s quality of life is severely tarnished by the actions of her teacher. Sugata Mitra from Huffington Post states, “Students are rewarded for memorization, not imagination or resourcefulness.” this shows the quality of life for students back in the day. They had no mind for themselves. That would have been awful for the students of the
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