Viessman Trucking Research Paper

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Viessman Trucking

In 1965, I was just a twinkle in the stars. My great grandfather Vigil, however at the time was a fifty-nine year old man. He had been married and had three children. He had owned a service station early in his life, but decided to sell that. Then he decided to work in a soup factory, but wasn’t a huge fan of working there and that 's when Vigil decided that he was going to start hauling milk with only two milk trucks. That is how Viessman trucking first got started. Four years later, Vigil ended up dying in a trucking accident, but my grandfather Cliff and all seven of his children decided to make Viessman trucking into a big family business. Soon Viessmans went from two trucks to four hundred trucks. We went from having no terminals to eleven of them across the country. That was just the beginning for Viessman trucking.

Finally on April 20, 1974 I was born. Now growing up in a family business wasn’t always easy. There were a lot of struggles, but a lot of successes out of it. I had a very privileged life growing up. One of …show more content…

At first in my life I didn’t want to work for Viessman’s, but I’m glad I realized the opportunity I had and I’m also glad my father gave me a chance. I’ve got to meet so many amazing people from working with the business. I learn more and more everyday. I get to see the constant changes happening and the business evolve right before my eyes. I’m excited to keep on expanding the business all across the country. It feels good to know that I’m a huge part of something my great grandfather started back in 1965 with only two milk trucks. I don’t think Vigil ever expected Viessman’s to become a huge family business. I think he would be proud of his son Cliff. Cliff took what Vigil started and made it into something big. I hope Viessman trucking continues to flourish. That 's just the beginning for Viessman’s. There is much more too

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