Violence In School, Gangs And Gang-Related Violence In Schools

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This paper investigates the relationship between gang-related violence in schools and street gangs. The author came across the conception that gang-related violence that takes place in schools is triggered by the street gang activities and lifestyle that come to pass in the community, which can be formulated in two fashion, in term of gang learners being part of the street gang and conducting part of their activities in the school grounds. While on the other side, the gang learners are forming their own gang groups that are not related to the street gangs but are share the same culture. In other words, the author is trying to disentangle the question of whether the existence of street gang in societies contributes to the incidences if violence in schools and the formation of gang groups in schools (Clinard and Meier, 2011).
Gangsterism appears in almost all of the studies that have been conducted with the aim of uncovering the causes of violence in schools. Mncube and Madikizela-Madiya (2014) analyzed data from a study that was conducted in six provinces namely Mpumalanga, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and Limpopo, Western Cape. The study discovered that gangsterism is one of the external factors that aggravate violence in schools. The study revealed that gangs in schools are indication of community problems since schools are a reflection of the problems of the community. The behaviour of violence that is encountered in schools is also produced by the problem of gangsterism that

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