Social Disorganization Theory Paper

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In this paper I will be analyzing how living in a stressful, violent, and poverty-ridden environment in combination with racial discrimination can allow residents of that community too develop a “code of the street”, a set of informal rules to abide by. The two theories I will be connecting this matter to, is the social learning theory and social disorganization theory. More often, these street codes and rules are created by young gang members who manage and “run” the neighbourhood and have an influence. It is a requirement for every resident to not only be aware but abide by the rules, it does not matter the age, sex, or colour, but more where that individual resides, at times it may be for survival. Some of the rules in this code are …show more content…

We learn from the things we experience, the things we see, and the people with whom we associate. We learn from our surroundings , experiences, acquaintances, friends, and family. Contends that we learn aggression like any other behaviour-by watching others and imitating their behaviour” (2014). This theory explains that people act and do illegal things because that is all they have been taught. Those in gangs who may use violence to resolve conflict and/or establish a respectable name for themselves have been surrounded with those who do the same thing. For example those who follow the code of the street, that may mean beating someone up to make themselves feel more powerful, but they had to learn that from somewhere as they can not only learn things from their direct experiences but there is also a high chance that they have seen exposed to others that do the same exact thing. Differential association theory which is a strain of social learning theory, explains that criminal behaviour, and the specific techniques that one needs to know to commit crime are learned. This relates to the code of the street because those who abide by it are not only taught the violent or criminal behaviour but are also taught the motivating factors that back up the behaviour. All the residents that follow the street code do because that is what is they are surrounded with and according to the social learning theory, which is explains that crime is learned, they watch how others deal with things and use that as a model. It is a cognitive process in which one’s attitude and their surroundings merge in an ongoing conditioning theory. Explaining the differential theory further, “imagine a child growing up in a home where the parents routinely engaged in criminal acts. The child would grow up assuming that these acts may not

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