Violent Video Games

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Violent Video Games Lead to Violent People The human mind craves three feelings. According to the Self Determination Theory human behavior is driven by the need for competence, autonomy, and relatedness. If those needs are met, we enjoy activities more, even in gaming (Gagné & Deci, 2005). The human mind wants to know that it is in charge (autonomy) when a person plays a video game he or she is choosing to do so. Video games fulfill the feeling of competency when the player can beat the level. That is why most people consider a good video game to be one that is a challenge, while remaining doable. This is like when a trainer gives a dog a treat when he does what he is supposed to, the player’s brain is the trainer and the feeling of achievement is the treat. The feeling of relatedness comes from the sense of community video games can give the player. People can compete with their friends and meet new people on online games. Those feelings are the main reason people love to play video games. Unfortunately, certain video games can also contribute to aggressive and violent behavior later in life. Video games can lead to violence in real life since they offer children mental fulfillment which leads children to want to play them, and video game makers are targeting the majority of consumers (adults) which means children are playing adult themed games every day, in turn causing children to normalize the violence they see while they are young and impressionable. While many people

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