Vulnerable Population Assessment

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Vulnerable Population Assessment Christine Anderson Chamberlain College of Nursing NR443 Community Health Nursing January,2018 Elderly the Vulnerable Population Noticing a group of middle age men, smoking and drinking aside a low-income apartment complex during week daytime hours is not a typical activity for the normal middle-class population. A certain uneasiness or concern comes over a person when you walk or drive by, especially with the elderly population present in the same low-income housing area that are disheveled and sitting outside alone, on a hot day in July. This is found in a small rural community called Capron, Illinois. Capron is a small farming community in the north-west part of Illinois near the Illinois-Wisconsin northern…show more content…
A community of solution could be started due to being in the same location and housing area. The community health nurse can bring resources to these people and help to connect them with the appropriate services. Life alert buttons can be an intervention, to alert emergency medical providers of help being needed. The Community health nurse can promote healthy behaviors (diet and exercise), identify those with risk factors and educate on prevention or signs and symptoms and when to seek medical care. The services available are numerous, and most elderly in this housing area are going to meet income requirements. Church and the American Legion, community events are a perfect way to interact and seek out this population. Flyers at the post office or gas station would be a way to provide services…show more content…
Healthy aging with the development and care of ideal mental, social, and physical well-being and function in older adults is a primary concern. This is accomplished when the older population is safe, promote health, and use health and community programs to prevent health problems. This elderly vulnerable population is a perfect opportunity for the Community nurse to interact with and provide services too. Public health nursing can preserve the health of the community and neighboring populations by concentrating on health promotion and health care of individuals and groups within the community. Capron Illinois is just one present poverty-stricken area where intervention is needed to protect this fragile elderly population. References Bilik, O., Damar, H. T., & Karayurt, O. (2017). Fall behaviors and risk factors among elderly patients with hip fractures. Acta Paulista De Enfermagem, 30(4), 420-427. doi:10.1590/1982-0194201700062 Nicholas, J., & Wiseman, M. (2009). ELDERLY POVERTY AND SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME. Social Security Bulletin, 69(1), 45-73. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2017). Healthy People 2020: Topics and objectives. Retrieved from
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