Wage Gaps: Genders Unequal Pay

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Gender Inequality Imagine you are a women working the same hours as a male coworker, you put the same effort into your quality work, but when you gets your paycheck you still earn less than him. We could change this problem and make sure that all genders get equal pay for the amount of work they do. There is a wage gap between genders even though they work the same job and hours the women will get payed less. The gaps are impacted the most by ethnicity, sexuality, and of course gender. Genders equal pay should be fixed because even though the gender each work the same hours,jobs, and education level the male will still receive more pay. In the history of gender wage gaps the women always had less pay than the men in the work forces. The…show more content…
There is a serious issue in the genders wage gaps. An article I read stated “Wage gaps may be most extreme for professionals engaged in work activities in which their gender, ethnicity, sexuality or other identity traits are seen as inconsistent with skill in those activities” (Cech). This shows that even professional high jobs have wage gas and not even just based on gender also on ethnicity and sexuality. There should not be diffrent pays based on this that most people cannot control. In another article it states “Men provided the wage work and women the unpaid domestic work” (Women at work). This shows that even though women are working jobs that are mandatory they are not even getting paid in europe and the men that are work are getting paid. To conclude, unequal pay is a problem because it is based on things that people cannot…show more content…
There can be a very simple solutions to gender wage gaps. In the text it states “To prohibit discrimination on account of sex in the payment of wages by employers engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce” (The equal pay 2). This shows that there are laws put in place to ensure equal pay between the genders, but since then the laws have been modified. To lessen the problems of gender inequality the provisions of The Equal Pay Act of 1963 should be put back into place and enforced. In the article it said “Title VII also makes it illegal to discriminate based on sex in pay and benefits. Therefore, someone who has an Equal Pay Act claim may also have a claim under Title VII” (Equal pay 1). This information again tells that equal pay acts were put in place ,but have been forgotten or unused. Equal gender pay can be true if we put all the acts and laws back in place from the past. To conclude, equal gender pay may happen if we put the laws and acts back into place and treat them

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