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I am a good candidate for the Wallace State Hanceville Presidential Scholarship because I am extremely hard working and settle for nothing less than my best. I am driven in everything that I do. It is very important to me to get a quality education which I know I will receive at Wallace State. The reason I want a quality education is so that whatever I choose to have a career in, I will have extensive knowledge in that field and be able to impact people's lives. To me, college isn't about getting a degree to get a job. To me, college is about gaining as much knowledge and equipping you with the skills you need so that you can go into the world ready to make an impact immediately. Unfortunately, paying for college is not possible for my family. …show more content…

After he graduates, my younger brother will then take his place in the college bills. We also have all grown up playing sports which has taught each of us to have good character and to be confident in ourselves, but that came at a high cost. Sports are very expensive and my younger two siblings are currently chasing their dreams of being collegiate athletes so not only will my parents be paying for two college students at once, but two budding athletes as well. Unfortunately, that is nearly an impossible feat at what the cost of life is today. I believe that with a 4.23 GPA and a 30 ACT score I have proved that I am deserving of receiving some scholarship money from Wallace State. I will not promise you to make straight A's through college or that my papers will always be perfect, but the one thing I can promise you is that my professors will always get my best. One thing that everyone remarks about me is how strong my work ethic is. I have played sports all my life and they have taught me that hard work truly does pay off in the long run. I know that what I put into something is what I will get out of it, as will the college if they fund a portion of my

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