Was Qin Shi Huang A Good Leader

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Qin Shi Huang was a Chinese emperor in the year 221 BCE. In my point of view I will answer the question was Qin Shi Huang a good or bad leader? As a bad leader he banned all the teachings of Confucius, he buried people, he taxed heavily, when someone committed a crime their children had to serve the sentence for life as well as them, he forced people to fight for the army and made farmers build the Great Wall of China. As a good leader he introduced new currency, measurements and a new language. He also made good progress on the building and planning of the Great Wall. He made carts with the same size wheel and made all the roads the same size. He also made a network of roads so traveling was easier. In my point of view I believe that Qin Shi Huang was a bad leader. …show more content…

460 scholar's were buried alive just because they owned the banned books of confusions. He believed that knowledge of the past was dangerous and was scared that the people might think for themselves and overthrow him. He wanted full control of the people and if that meant burning all of the teaching of confusions then that would be the cost.

Secondly, men were sent off and made to build the wall. Even though Qin Shi Huang made good progress in the planning and building of the great wall, he sent soldier, commoners and criminals off to build the Great Wall. The men had to leave behind their wives and children. Women didn't dare have a child in case it was a boy because even some children had to build the wall.If the labourers died from the terrible conditions the other workers lacked the manpower to dig graves so they buried the bodies within the rammed earth and

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