Water Bottles Persuasive Speech

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Alexis: Good Morning and welcome to AASN Morning Show! I’m joined here today with Dr. Angie Cibic to talk about the danger of plastic water bottles and BPA. Angie: Yes, at IHJB Science Facility we have been researching the effects of plastic water bottles for over 13 years. Our studies show that in Toronto alone over 100 million plastic water bottles are used a year. Alexis: Wow that is a lot of plastic. Why is this so hazardous to our environment? Angie: Plastic contains Bisphenol A, which is also known as BPA. These toxins aren’t good for earth, they aren’t sustainable. 6 in 7 water bottles used in Canada are downcycled, meaning that they are thrown somewhere out of sight to never be seen again. The harmful toxins breakdown over time…show more content…
It would be unfortunate if the poor animals would die because of this. Angie: A really easy way to cut down the amount of plastic water bottles being used is to get reusable water bottles. Lots of people are also using charcoal based water filters to reduce the use of plastic bottles in their homes. Alexis: oh alright, what kind of chemicals can these charcoal filters remove from the water? Angie: The Brita filters can remove the chlorine taste from water. They filter out and remains or BPA, zinc and harmful contaminants like copper and cadmium Alexis: Ok! I will look into getting one of those then! Well, how can the chemicals in plastic affect us humans? Angie: Well the toxins in plastic water bottles are actually very bad for you. Nowadays water bottle companies try to use BPA free plastic, regardless there are still harmful chemicals such as DEHA,that can cause possible cancer for us humans, and benzyl butyl phthalate, which is a hormone disruptor causing possible birth defects or developmental disorders. Alexis: Wow! I think that after hearing that we should all get rid of our plastic water bottles! If you have a plastic water bottle in your hand get rid of it right now! (throws the bottle at the camera)
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