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Waterlily is a fictional story where the reader follows the main character, Waterlily, as she perseveres through the difficulties in her life. Many historic figures have also had to persevere to earn what they wanted. Waterlily is set in the Dakota area and is about a native american woman named Waterlily. Waterlily first had to move away when she was bought by a man named Sacred Horse for two horses. Later, when her husband dies, she finds a new marriage without being bought, in which she was able to stay with her native tribe. In the story Waterlily, Waterlily had to persevere right out of childhood when she sadly moved away; but because she persevered, she succeeded, just like Colonel Sanders, Bob Husker, and J.K. Rowling did. When Waterlily …show more content…

Just as Waterlily became comfortable with her new family, there was a terrible disease spreading around their camp. The book quotes,”’Yes, they said it was many-sores [smallpox]. Something like the sickness that killed off whole families over a generation ago in some camp circles'” (Waterlily 188). The quote shows that just when things were going the right way for Waterlily, they turned for the worse because of a terrible disease. It was brought to the natives by settlers who traveled westward. During the time of the disease, Waterlily had to move away from the town with relatives in hope of avoiding the sickness. This quote in Waterlily reads, “Soon it (smallpox) was to break out in all its racing fury and their stay in the wilds was to become a series of unforgettable horrors" (Waterlily 200). In this quote, the reader sees that life became worse for Waterlily when she moved away. Waterlily’s husband died along with nine others in their small camp, leaving only two left alive. Bob Huskey was going for a swim with his friends in the ocean when a terrible accident happened. Huskey broke his neck when tangled up in a strong wave. He was only twenty one years old at the time and enrolled in the army. Though he had to deal with a terrible accident, Bob moved on. His family and friends helped him with his new disabilities. He later applied to study speech pathology at Southern Illinois University, which a article says, "In 1959, Bob enrolled in Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where he pursued a degree in speech pathology. The university at first didn’t admit him, but he kept appealing until he was accepted for enrollment“ ("Bob Huskey: An Inspiring Story of Perseverance and Commitment”). This shows that even though Bob was not accepted at first, he persevered and was accepted. Bob ended up earning his degree in speech pathology. Waterlily and Bob were both part

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