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First Baptist Texarkana The service started with the full band, and small orchestra performing welcome song “Our God,” as people moved around the auditorium to get settled. While the welcome music was playing there were slides up on screens showing off the announcements. I believe people sometimes need to see information more than once so that is why I strongly believe it’s effective to have an announcements in bulletin and on a slide show. Following the welcome music the music minister gets on the stage, welcomes, invites the congregation to stand, and ties in the theme of the welcome song as a starting focus for the service. I really liked the tie of the welcome song because that let me know that the welcome music wasn’t just placed to fill …show more content…

First congregational song: upbeat song of redemption and proclamation that celebrates Death to Life of Christ and victory in Christ titled “Jesus you found me”- sung by Kristina Stanfill. Following that song the music minister challenges the congregation to celebrate the freedom in Christ and after that challenge then turns everyone to greet others. I wouldn’t have done a greeting at all because I believe that the welcome music time helps facilitate time to move around, talk and greet others. After challenging the congregation to celebrate freedom I would’ve read a scripture on the fall of man and why we are in need of a savior, and why bondage is bad as a Christian, causing people to reflect on their lives and to have directed prayer time. Following the greeting is the song “Hosanna (Praise is rising),” then corporate Celebration of Baptism. Following the baptism was a speaker who welcomed guest to fill out a guest card, gave announcements of upcoming events, and spoke about online giving to the church then closed the announcements with prayer that transitioned into the offering. I personally think it’s odd to have announcements in the middle of the service. I think announcements should be placed at the end of the service after a benediction

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