What Are The Biggest Outcomes Of The American Revolution

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When you think of America you often think of independence and individual freedom, but what made early American want this freedom? The British restriction of trade and control of state governments merely angered Americans, but with proposals like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense it stirred our spirit into more than rebellious one. These things lead to American Revolution, and this revolution lead to the Treaty of Paris, the U.S Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. All these outcomes of the Revolution are incredibly important to American History and to what we are now as Americans.

Great Britain 's regulations and attempts to control America was a large part of what the caused the revolution. To keep the monopoly of trade from the colonies that Britain had, they passed the Navigation Acts, which were a series of acts meant to control American trade. The first act restricted Dutch shipping, which was cheaper and made more sense to use, and said that they could only ship to England. The next acts put heavy taxes on all staple goods and that they could only send said staple crops to Britain. Another …show more content…

The constitution was backed by the Federalist Papers, which are considered one of the greatest contribution to democracy and governmental theory. These papers showed how to have a functional government, we need a relatively strong national government to protect our rights, but still have individual freedom. Though many did not think that the Bill of Rights were necessary to the our constitution. They are another very important outcome from the Revolution. The Bill of Rights refers to the first ten amendment to the constitution and outlines our personal right or our “natural rights”. These rights is what made America so special and different from other countries, because the power resided with the people not the

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