What Are The Causes Of Imperialism

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Imperialism, which is the policy of a strong country extending power and influence through diplomacy or military force to take control over a weaker country. In simpler words, imperialism is when a strong country takes control over a weaker country. Imperialism has been present throughout the world 's history and still has influence today. Some specific causes of imperialism are economics, ethnocentrism, exploration, politics, and religion. Two events that were caused by imperialism was World War One and the invasion of Africa. Overall, imperialism causes a copious number of issues in society that took place in the past and still take place in today 's world. To start with, a few major causes of imperialism are economics, exploration, ethnocentrism, politics, and religion. Economics prompted…show more content…
European nations scrambled to take control of Africa due to the opportunity of exploiting resources and colonization. European imperialism was in Africa partly present because of the rivalry for power between Britain, France, and Germany. These countries were each trying to increase their status by accumulating countries located elsewhere on the continent. European countries entered Africa to claim territories, since owning multiple territories with colonies showed their power. Britain. The natural resources in Africa motivated European countries to take control of certain areas. The resources that fueled European imperialism were slave trade, and the mining of gold and diamonds. Europeans got all the resources from Africa cheap and then sold them with high prices. Beside having control over resources, Africa also gave Europeans strategic areas of land that helped their militaries or trade canals. The Southern portion of Africa provided useful stops for ships. By taking over Africa they could control over the market, and how the goods were distributed. European takeover of Africa has numerous, lasting
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