What Are The Greasers Figurative Essay

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Argumentative Essay: Outline

Introductory Paragraph

having someone to love is family having somewhere to go is home and having both is a blessing. in the short story thank you ma’am the author Langston Hughes brings the character roger alive, but this boy doesn't have a family or a home and he is all by himself. meanwhile in the book the outsiders written by S.E. hinton a group of characters called greasers. the greasers are a band of kids just like roger but they support each other. If roger had the option he would find his place the the community of the greasers

FIrstly, when you first think of greaser you thing tough mean poor people who steal but when you actually get to know them they are nice caring people who stick up for their own(stick together) and believe in fair fights. one of the greasers Two-bit says “our …show more content…

Roger isn’t rough like a soc. roger thought to himself “...he didn't trust the woman not to trust him” and he wanted her to trust him. he also isn't rough like some of the greasers. the greasers are poor and middle class people. one of the greasers stated “…we steal and drive old souped up cars...hold up gas stations and have gang fights once in awhile” also from reading the book you will learn that most of them usually only steal/take/earn what they need. roger also isn't prepared to get into a fight and he just isn't a kid that would fight. although some people might argue and say that roger is more of the want kind of kid like the socs he isn't as rough and he isn't the kind of kid that would beat another kid half to death. if roger were to be a greaser he would

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