What Does It Mean To Be An American Culture

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My family won the green card lottery two years ago. I was really excited about it because that was my chance to succeed in life. I had not ever traveled to the United States before so I had my own imagination of Texas and Americans, and when I say Americans I mean American citizens; which was based on the stereotypes, movies and what Iranian TV shows had promoted, which you definitely do not want to know. I used to think Texas is like a desert with a bunch of racist cowboys living in it, like the western movies show. Then, I moved to the United States, which was like a year and a half ago. Coming from a strictly Muslim Middle Eastern country, everything was so much different for me, people were treated different, the culture was different and the people were different. It was like nothing I’d ever expected. …show more content…

Most of them don’t know how to save money, what we start doing as soon as we go to pre-k. Iranian government is based on religion but it’s not the same in here. Women have to wear hijab in Iran, but they have the right to choose in here and everybody respects them even if they choose to keep their hijab. There are good and bad people everywhere you can not blame a whole nation or religion for what a part of it has done. My first language was Persian and I had to learn English in a few years. When I moved here, it was hard to understand what people were saying in the first weeks, but they helped me a lot to learn English by talking slower and sometimes louder. I admire the good qualities americans have; like their hard work, they do their best to get what they want, they never give up and they help other people. These are the good qualities I try to learn from

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