Essay On Respect

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Respect can be considered a very broad term in society. Many people want to be treated with respect, and become displeased when someone is disrespectful. That being said, what is respect? According to a dictionary, respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, achievements, opinions, beliefs, etc. Of course everyone in society differs in views and beliefs. Whether you agree with these beliefs is a different issue in itself. You may not agree with someone, but they still deserve to have their beliefs acknowledged like everyone else. It shows that you value another as an individual, and that you honor the rights and dignity of the person as a human being. Respect is a necessary ingredient …show more content…

The country during that time was divided, and resulted in a civil rights movement across southern America and other areas. African Americans protested that they had a right to be respected and accepted like any other member of society, no matter the color of their skin. Going back a little further into history, Adolf Hitler discriminated the Jews and wanted to eradicate them. He expected the people of Nazi Germany and other places to give him the respect he thought he deserved as dictator, despite the irrational and genocidal decisions he was making. North Korea’s current leader, Kim Jong-Un, expects his followers and citizens to give him the upmost respect, despite the treatment he has toward them. During medieval Europe ages, servants, peasants, and serfs were treated as the lowest of the low by the hierarchy and aristocracy. Laws and civil ordinances were beneficial more to those of the upper class, and those of the lower classes did not have the power to vote against it. Out of all the examples given, they all seem to have something in common: contempt. Contempt is the opposite of respect, and it is the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, or worthless. These feelings of contempt in all of these examples frequently create crippling societies and

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