What Is Staffing Measure Inequality Of Care

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This article talks about how studies show how staffing measurements effectquality of care and how risk adjustment variables play a role in the outcomes. Staffingmeasures include the amount of nursing staff per patient and the amount of hours aresident gets with staff members and staff member retention. The studies show thatincreased time with licensed staff have improved care and provided much betteroutcomes than with time with for example a social worker. It says that it is difficult tocalculate the retention of staff because the studies are inconsistent. Quality of care ischaracterized by resident and facility outcomes. Studies measured substandard careas when residents get fractures, catheters, or are involved in accidents. It’s hard to usemortality as a good measure of quality care because in the elderly it is just a part of life.Risk adjustment variables are basically …show more content…

There are 3 variables they talkabout case-mix which is the residents characteristics, facility characteristics which issize, pay, cost, location, and certification status, and market characteristics which isMedicaid policies. I think that staffing measures definitely has a good association withquality care of residents in a nursing home. If a patient has little time with professional
Studies Show Association between Staffing and Quality of Care 3nursing staff they won’t receive the amount of attention they deserve and therefore notreceive quality care.I think a big point in this article is the amount of time spent with patients and theamount of staff you have on hand at a facility. These points are so important because ifyou don’t have enough staff and a lot of patients you may want to help all of them andgive them quality care but it just isn’t in the realm of possibility. You

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