Reflection In Communication

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Millions of years have passed since the first human appeared on Earth, natural and artificial selections have been abolishing countless behaviors and conducts towards evolution. Yet, there is one crucial action which has been, and will keep on existing without losing its value however much time pass: Communication. Defined as the act of sharing and receiving information by speaking, writing,... communication is known as the key factor of human life. As a Nursing student whose aim is to lead a good life and have a successful career, I have learned how important effective communication is, especially in Clinical Attachment(CA), while envisioning some of the possible challenges I might face along with the resolutions to them.
To begin with, I understand that to communicate potently is to make the best out of CA. The
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Making the right questions and showing your eagerness to study is a part of good communication which makes people inclined towards explaining and assisting you with their wisdom. To be able to gain as much knowledge as possible, we have to learn from numerous sources, and one of the best approaches is to learn from others’ experience. Attempting that requires us to showcase our will in appropriate manners and the other party to approve of us, which relates to the point that I mentioned earlier about how good communication can help us in establishing relationships, hence make people more open to share and help us.
To sum up, I completely understand the value of communication in CA and have been preparing myself with the best I could so as to avoid and battle the potential hardships that I might encounter in the future.
As a result, I find that my communication skills are not seriously lacking and hopefully I will not have to encounter major hindrances in forthcoming CA. Nevertheless, I have foreseen a few problems that are likely to occur, together with ways to solve
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