What Was The Significance Of The NSC 68

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1.NSC 68
The NSC 68 was a private position the US government took after China’s communism rose to power and its own independence.This policy was headed by President Truman and helped the United States of America thwart communism globally. This help support, aid America's military spending. The NSC 68 was also formed in response to the continuing American and Soviet Union conflicts. This term is significant because it dealt with deeper issues than just its disagreements and quarrels against the Soviet Union. It deals with the issue of wanting to be able to live in a free society. It was the NSC 68 mission to work against and defeat communism world wide. it was especially important in the eyes of the American government to be able to protect …show more content…

Marshall. This plan idea was to reform, aid, and reconstruct Europe after World War II. After the war, much of Europe was still feeling the damage and result of the War. George C. Marshall suggested that they aid the Country in billions of Dollars to help the country get back on its feet economically. This term is significant because it showed at this time in history that capitalism is on its way down, and communism is on the rise throughout the world. The United states helped aid allies and former enemies because of this. The Marshall plan was about being against or for any country. It was about being against poverty . It reveals that the United States weren’t just interested in being anti communist, but it reveal that freedom is more than just defeating communist. It was also about economic security …show more content…

Bakke was a Court decision made in the 1978. At Uc Davis the Court decided to overrule the admission program at the school that was allowing 16 out of 100 position in their medical program to be given to ethical students. Justice Lewis F. Powell was against this idea and had the final say in the vote. This is reveals that at this time in history that minorities are still dealing with struggles, and getting their rights as Americans. Still in the 1970’s non white americans are still face with prejudice in the country. This is an important term because this court decision open up the doors for minorities getting more rights in education. This issue is also important because this lead to other Court decision and opportunities for minority students. For example, take the Dream act that allows qualifies minority aliens to get residency , and acquire financial support to go to

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