What´s Epigenetic Modifications Affect Genes?

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Epigenetics refers to all modifications to genes other than changes in the DNA sequence itself. This modifications include addition of molecules, like methyl groups, to the DNA backbone. Adding these groups changes the appearance and structure of DNA, altering how a gene can interact with important interpreting molecules in the cell 's nucleus.There are different kinds of epigenetic chemical additions to the genetic sequence. The addition of methyl groups to the DNA backbone is used on some genes to distinguish the gene copy inherited from the father and that inherited from the mother. How do this modifications affect the genes? It all start when the genes carry the blueprints to make proteins in the cell. The DNA sequence of a gene is transcribed into RNA, which is then translated into the sequence of a protein. Because they change how genes can interact with the cell 's transcribing machinery, epigenetic modifications, generally turn genes on or off, allowing or preventing the gene from being used to make a protein. On the other hand, mutations and bigger changes in the DNA sequence like deletions change not only the sequence of the DNA and RNA, but may affect the sequence of the protein as well. Mutations in the sequence can prevent a gene from being recognized. There is also a relationship between epigenetics and …show more content…

Our mental health can also be shape by epigenetics , according to ssegment from a June 2008 lecture given by Dr. Moshe Szyf, Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill University, expains how childhood abuse ends in suicide 100% of the cases, while the control died for other reasons , mostly car accidents that did not had any report of child abuses. This is an environmental factor that leaves an imprint RN promoter and the hippocampus because the methyl levels are higher, leading this people to take this actions .In a comparison of suicide victims who were abused or not, only the abused victims had an epigenetic tag on the GR

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