What's Wrong With School Lunches Analysis

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Food is essential. It is clearly a necessity for life, and because of this, how we view our food is just as important as what it is that we are eating. Some say that ignorance is bliss and sometimes that may be true, but with knowledge comes wisdom. Therefore, knowing the risks of the things we eat, and what we may be able to change to adjust to healthier eating habits is information everyone should have, including parents and or legal guardians for their sakes, as well as their children’s. In her TED talk “What’s Wrong With School Lunches?”, Ann Cooper states in reference to the unhealthy lunches provided in most schools, “Unhealthy eating can lead to the following : high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, cancer, insulin dependence, blindness,…show more content…
But by following the example of Kirk Conrad, a father and chef in residence at Project Bread/The Walk for Hunger who oversees the Chefs in Schools Initiative at Boston Public Schools, we see that there are many ways to educate and inspire kids to eat healthier. As a father to two young girls, he gives tips to parents like to “involve your kids in school lunch planning, shopping and preparation.”, and to “buy the most nutritious versions of your kids ' favorite foods” (Schaffer). Now of course every child is unique, but seeing how these are just a few tips he uses himself and gets great results with his own children, this gives parents the opportunity to educate their children on which supermarket products may be a healthier choice, therefore, likely benefitting their children’s future food choices. Also these tips help the kids to feel more included in the decision of what they eat, making it less likely that they would feel “forced” to eat something they aren’t familiar with, thus enhancing the likelihood that they would comply with the change in diet. The impact parents have on their children’s food choices is bigger than some may realize. Passing knowledge down to children should be a priority, and the subject of food should be no…show more content…
Being aware of the health benefits and health hazards that come along with the food we choose to eat is a huge part of starting healthier eating habits. Children spend a multitude of hours in schools every day, and a lot of them eat two of the most important meals of their day in those schools. That is why it is important for parents and school administrators to take school lunches more seriously. Because after all, children are indeed the next generation of adults, and that is a fact that no one can disprove or argue with. And for those who choose to ignore it, in this case, ignorance is not bliss nor is it

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