Where Worlds Collide Analysis

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I remember the day vividly, I was sitting on the couch as I watched the news starring Bryan Williams, he reported death after death after death. He spoke in a sinister and dark voice, speaking out how muslims are controlling the world in such a negative way. I recall believing that all muslims were horrible people and their culture was negative on the world. This situation displays that media controlled my life and affected how I viewed others and society. Although many people assert that one’s culture consistently is being influenced by many aspects of one's life, whether it be, family time, food, or politics. One's culture and how they view the world is dictated by the power of media which outweighs any other aspects of one's life and controls …show more content…

This demonstrates that food; chicken for instance is the soul of what makes up her views and culture. She goes on to talk about all the foods that make up her views of others, talking about food parties and traditions in her home. Although this may be true regardless, clearly it is evident that media shapes the overall presence of what makes up someone's view of others and society. In Pico Iyer’s short story “Where Worlds Collide” proves that media affects how one views a society's culture. Before coming to America, a group of Vietnamese immigrants predicted a land that would heavily contrast from their home town. Through their media experience, they inferred that Los Angeles, California, was a nirvana by itself. For instance, Lyer describes his foretelling of LA as “the Promised Land”(50). This assumption occurred by way of media as he saw harmony through the Dodgers, Rodeo Drive t-shirts, and Terminator 2; however, when he visited LA for the first time, he quickly realized that the media did not show what LA was really like. For example, as he arrived at the airport he apprehends a sign that reads “Stop the Spread of Medfly!”(51). Prior to his arrival in America, he had

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