White Cubans Research Paper

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During the early 1960’s many Cubans fled to the United States not because they wanted a better life, but because they were fleeing from the hardships put on them by Fidel Castro. According to Maria Garcia in Havana USA, there were three major waves of Cubans arriving in the United States. The first was after the revolution from 1959 to 1962, the second was during the “freedom fights” from 1965 to 1962, and the third was the “Mariel boatlift” in 1980. Many of the Cubans from these waves settled in Miami, Florida because of the similarities it has to Cuba. Miami was an easy transition for most of the Cubans looking for a new home until they could return to Cuba. However, as seen in the essay by Mirta Ojito, White Cubans had an easier time adjusting

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