Who Is Dennis Nader A Psychopath

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Dennis Rader was another despicable character, killing 10 known victims. His method of killing earned him quite a memorable nickname, “The BTK Killer”. BTK stands for bind, torture and kill. Much like Kemper, he also sent letters to the police. However, his letters were much more cohesive, listing details of the murder. He also had a tendency to torture animals. Rader developed a sexual fetish for women’s underwear as well. When he would kill his victim, he would take her underwear and wear it to satisfy his sexual desires. What earned Dennis Rader his fame though, was his diabolical theatrics in court. Dennis Rader gave 30 minute, disconnected speeches apologizing for his acts. He was also very descriptive in his detailing of his murders, and his demeanor was cool and calm. Maintaining a calm demeanor while speaking of unspeakable torture and murder, is an obvious indication of psychopathia. Dennis Rader is a psychopath whose greatest pride lay in his 10 murders, and that is …show more content…

Rather than being an individual of complete and absolute evil, the serial killer is an addict. Formed by a dysfunctional upbringing and defective learning, the serial killer becomes contingent on fantasy as a coping mechanism. This is, in some respects, no different from the alcoholic using their drink of choice as a survival mechanism. Just as addicts tend to fall into a downward spiral, until all else in their lives centers around the addictive substance, the serial killers life begins to revolve around fantasy. The uprising develops to something so controlling that ultimately fantasy turn out to be the focus of the serial killers being. Just as the heroin addicts need for a fix may drive him to steal, the serial killers commitment to the fantasy pushes him or her to murder. In short, the cycle of the serial killer is no different from the cycle of any other addict, the ending outcome being functionally the same as the heroin addict’s

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