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Jeffrey Dahmer Some troubled youth use acting out and rebellion as a cry for help, but Jeffrey Dahmer decided to murder seventeen people over a thirteen-year period was the way to go. Dahmer did not start off as a murderer, but whether it was genetics or his troubled childhood, he developed into a very mentally disturbed man who then turned homicidal. No one ever suspected that sad and shy Jeffrey down the road had skeletons and human remains in his closet. Having committed acts of murder to cannibalism to necrophilia, Jeffrey Dahmer is now considered to be one of the most twisted and disturbed serial killers to have ever lived.
Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born May 21, 1960 and had what appeared to be a normal childhood. His parents were Lionel …show more content…

When it became clear that his son lacked the ambition to do anything with his life, Lionel Dahmer decided motivation was due in the form of an ultimatum: get a job or join the Army. Jeffrey enlisted in the Army for six years in December of 1979 and moved to Germany. After two years of service, he was discharged in 1981 due to his drunken behavior (“Jeffrey Dahmer Biography”; “Serial Killer”). German authorities would later investigate possible connections between Dahmer and the murders that took place in the area where he had been stationed, but it was not believed that he took any lives while serving in the armed forces. After his discharge, Jeffrey was sent to Wisconsin to live with his grandmother. He was arrested that same year for disorderly conduct when he exposed himself at a state fair in August of 1982. He was then arrested again in September of 1986, when he was accused by two young boys of pleasuring himself in front of them. For this, he only received a year of probation. (Biography). In September of 1989, Dahmer was on probation for the molestation of a child after claiming he would “change his ways and better himself,” when he took his first victim (Serial Killer). Steve Hicks was a hitchhiker and was more than happy for a ride when he was picked up. Jeffrey took him back to his parents’ house and then got Steve drunk. It was only when his visitor tried to leave that the situation escalated, and Dahmer struck him over the head with a barbell. He then proceeded to dismember and pack the body in bags, which he buried behind the house (“Jeffrey Dahmer Biography”). He would later exhume the remains, burn them to ashes, smash the bones with a sledge hammer, and scatter them across a ravine (Biography). In September of 1987, Jeffrey took his second victim, Steven Toumi. The two checked into a hotel and

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