Who Is Yunior In The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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In the book, “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" We have three characters: Yunior, Oscar, and Lola. Yunior is a Dominican-Republican immigrant and the narrator for most of the book. He is a foil character to the protagonist, Oscar Wao. Oscar Wao is the main character that is nerdy and the opposite of male Dominican-Republican stereotypes. He is a man who writes and knows high-level vocabulary, and would like to be a published writer, but he is very lovesick. As in can be very distracted by women he has a crush on, he is at most a lover not a heart breaker like Yunior. Yunior is a Dominican-Republican American immigrant who is traditionally masculine; yet, he is too bigheaded with is ego to see that he is not that different from Oscar, as …show more content…

In the book, he gets “jumped” said “These cats just laid me out” (167), so he could not even fight back. Take Yunior cared by his friend Lola, who is the sister of Oscar. At first, she is not Yunior’s girlfriend, but he eventually starts to care for her. According to Yunior Lola “was a girl it was easy to care about” (168). Yunior cared about Oscar, so he helped him out of a “killer depression” (169). Yunior “surprised the shit out of Lola when I said I’d live with him the next year keep an eye on the fucking Dork for you” (169). Since Lola was abroad in Spain, Yunior was a loser because he did not have any place to stay. He said he had low chances to get university housing and was staying either with his “mom” or on the “street” (170). Yunior was smart enough to figure out what Oscar meant on the first day of moving in together Oscar greeted Yunior with Hail dog of god” Yunior figured it out in a “week” (171), which meant “Hail Dominicans” (171). Oscar is a big person, who is “massive” and “Lost” (171), writing a lot every day and “obsessed with his fan boy madness” (172). Oscar stayed teased for sleeping late due to his role-play games and Japanese animation, which Yunior seems to be interested. Oscar is a

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