Dominican Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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“It’s different cultures that make the world go ‘round at the end of the day.” This famous quote was said by Samantha Fox. The United States of America’s culture differs greatly from those of other regions in the world. Some of those variations are diverse foods, populations, religions, foods, et caetera.
Much like the United States’ constitution, the Dominican Republic’s constitution also grants religious freedom. Catholicism is considered the orthodox and most popular religion, though. (Cline). The Dominican Republic government signed an agreement with the Vatican, granting the church exclusive entitlements, in 1954. ("Roman Catholicism in the Dominican
Republic.") However, few actually make an appearance in mass. (Cline). In addition to …show more content…

After the greeting, one should say the appropriate greeting for the time of day. For example, “Buenos días” which translates to “Good morning” in English. The most appropriate way to address or introduce someone is using formal titles. For example,
“Señor” which is the way you would address an older man or teacher. ( "Etiquette in The
Dominican Republic." )
Some of the Dominican Republic’s gender issues are similar to those of the United
States. For example, United States, women working there get paid significantly less than men.
Women, are objectified as well, due to the dominance of men in their culture. Most men also expect their wife or female significant other to cook them meals and clean the entire house, even if the two of them both have the same work hours. Hence, Dominican men are known as womanizers. But, gender issues are not just seen in the Dominican Republic; they are prevalent in most Latin American countries. ( "Gender Roles in the Dominican Republic - Moon Travel
Guides." )
Many variations differentiate countries and cultures. Between the Dominican Republic and the United States, alone, there is a lot of cultural diversity. Without these variations, where would the diversity be? How boring would everybody being the same

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