Who Was Joseph Stalin's Power In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm “With great power comes great responsibility”-Uncle Ben from Spider Man. Many leaders throughout history were corrupted by the power they were given or achieved.The most notorious was Joseph Stalin. He and Napoleon from the book animal farm are very alike in many ways. Stalin was very infamous for starting communism. He also was very badly known for watching and spying on people in his own country. He had a secret police that would monitor and spy on everybody.They were even restricting what the children were being taught in school and to work for the better of the people.Even some kids were pulled out of home and went to military schools to be soldiers. He was also a schizophrenic, …show more content…

Fill your glasses to the brim. Gentlemen, here is my toast: To the prosperity of The Manor Farm! " (10.32),The pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others. With their superior knowledge it was natural that they should assume the leadership. (3.2), and finally It was about this time that the pigs suddenly moved into the farmhouse and took up their residence there...It was absolutely necessary, he said, that the pigs, who were the brains of the farm, should have a quiet place to work in. It was also more suited to the dignity of the Leader (for of late he had taken to speaking of Napoleon under the title of "Leader") to live in a house than in a mere sty. Nevertheless, some of the animals were disturbed when they heard that the pigs not only took their meals in the kitchen and used the drawing-room as a recreation room, but

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